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5:21 pm , April 4, 2012 1
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Some people have a pet peeve for splitting infinitives while I have never seen a problem with it. First, just what are infinitives? Infinitives are a kind of verb that usually begin with “to,” e.g., “to run,” “to dine,” “to dance.” An example of a split infinitive would be a sentence like this: Harry wanted […]

10:14 am , March 7, 2012 0
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Two main kinds of conjunctions are subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. (Remember, conjunctions join words or groups of words.) Subordinating conjunctions join clauses of unequal standing and coordinating conjunctions join clauses of equal standing. Examples of subordinating conjunctions include after, although, because, before, if, since, unless, until, when, and while. The seven coordinating conjunctions can be remembered […]

10:11 am , January 11, 2012 1
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In school, many of us were taught that ending a sentence with a preposition is wrong. However, many grammar sites, such as Grammar Girl, Oxford Dictionaries, and’s Grammar section, have already debunked this persistent myth. I believe English and Language Arts teachers have the best of intentions when administering this faulty rule. Children in […]